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Is President Obama the Enemy of Christians?

Is Obama enemy of christians or prolife
President Obama

I have noticed, virtually all online, a disturbing trend among some in the Christian community. It is a campaign based on fear and a likely misreading and misinterpretation of the Scriptures. It is a trend that has been with us for awhile, and is well-meant, by Christians who sincerely believe that they are serving Christ and "warning the brethren." I'm talking about those among us, brothers and sisters in Christ, who have sincerely believed that been in "the last days of the anti-Christ." Currently, there are a number of believers who are sincerely convinced that our current President, with his Affordable Care Act, is "ushering in the age of the Biblical Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast." But are we dealing in facts?

What is the Fear and Alarm About?

It is an old story that we Christians oppose two of President Obama's two issues that he supports. These are "abortion rights" and marriage "equality for Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender (GLBT) people. Why is he defending the rights of people, we wonder, who have adopted a lifestyle that, according to both the Old and the New Testament, is wrong and not according to God's plan for marriage or procreation? Many in the Christian community also believe that this President enables "lazy, unmotivated people who refuse to work," through his support for government programs that serve as "safety net entitlements" for people who have declared that they are too poor or disabled to seek employment. But these concerns only scratch the surface of Christian opposition to this President. More and more sincere Christians have looked at the President's signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and have studied its supposed provisions in light of prophecies in Revelation. Conclusion? According to them, and to this website, this current President is "ushering in the Biblical Mark of the Beast" and is the Anti-Christ. Yes, we should take this seriously, as this involves our eternal destinies. You may be one of those so concerned. But would you be correctly identifying your enemy?

Should We be So Alarmed?

So many in the Christian community believe that this President is actively seeking to destroy us Christians and the values that we hold dear. I have been seeing this alarm more and more, especially online and among brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of us may disagree with his policies on matters, especially on abortion "rights" and GLBT "rights" as we should. Though President Obama has confessed to Christian faith and has produced official documents of his citizenship, many believers insist that he is a Muslim President and was born in Kenya. What is what amounts to hysteria and the alarm that this President is our enemy and evil incarnate? Yes, I agree that the policies and provisions in legislation he proposes or signs are weak in some areas that many Christians value, especially toward Israel and in worldwide human rights abuses of Christians. If you are one of those who views our current President as the enemy of Christians and even the Anti-Christ, realize that this same label has been given to other public figures that people have not liked, including Hitler, former President Clinton, and now our current President. This is because they have had some traits of the Biblical Anti-Christ, which is not necessarily bad. Especially if you talk about charisma or valuing tolerance. President Obama does support something of a "big government." Yet does he propose the "one world government" that the Anti-Christ will usher in, according to Scripture?

What Should We Focus on?

I see so many Christians believing, and spreading the word that we are truly "in the last days." We forget that our brothers and sisters in Christ, in every generation, have declared that they were facing "the end times." In the early part of Acts, before He ascended to His Father, Jesus said that we were not to focus on, or try to figure out, when we were in the last times. This would include, I think, to point to any individual and slap the Anti-Christ label on the person and just because we disagree with them or dislike them. Revelation prophecies, like all Scripture, center on Israel, not the United States or Western Europe! Most Biblical narratives and prophecies are set in the Middle or the Far East. The other side of the world. You can search the book of Revelation and study it for yourself. We should focus on letting God form us into people who will be ready, at any given moment, for the Second Coming of Christ. He Himself said that no one knows the day or hour of His return. This gives us the answer of what our focus should be, right?

Is President Obama the Enemy To Be Feared?

In my humble opinion, this current President is not bent on actively trying to undermine or destroy the Christian community. He may support or sign policies that we disagree with as Christians, and he may show himself weak in areas where we would like to see strength. Many Christians have taken it upon themselves to call for prayer for this President's soul, though he has confessed publicly to Christian faith. But can we know the President's, or anyone's, heart? For sure? Though we are called to judge people based on outward behavior, we can never know, for sure, where they stand in their salvation, nor are we asked to make that call.

What do you think?

President Obama and the End Times

Is President Obama the Anti-Christ?

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