Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Specific Topic Today, Just My Musings

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ. If you write, do you ever reach the time when you know you need to write but you can think of nothing to write about? I think I am at this place where I need to post, want to do so but, after searching my brain, I can't think of anything to write about. Well, there are a number of things I could write about, but these things do not belong in the public domain, at least not yet. Maybe never.

Currently, we are marking the 10th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson case. As I had not been a sports fan, I did not follow the case, though my parents kept the court coverage of that case on TV. It seemed to drag on. I did not pay attention to it. Now, I'm hearing all the coverage, covering all the participants in the court drama and all the dynamics. Now I can see why there was so much fascination, though I still am not a sports fan. I think a vast collection of bad gym experiences at school had turned me off to sports. But I'm hearing analysis of why an acquittal was reached, though most people think that O.J. Simpson was guilty.

When you run on a "writer dry spell," as I currently am, you normally do not write. I have posted an article by someone else about the dire need of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Jesus. Most religious persecution is perpetrated against Christians. The world talks about a "war on women," a "war on children," and even, a "war on whales" or some other species. And I fully agree with these. But the greatest war is being waged against Christ and against millions of Christians worldwide. If you have a Facebook account, I hope that you will seriously consider visiting my Facebook group. Please take time to educate yourself via my shares from the websites of a few nonprofits that exist to serve our brothers and sisters in restricted or hostile nations.

My birthday is coming up in twelve days as of this writing. Since I'm past forty, to me it is a marker of the passage of time. This holds true of all birthdays and holidays. When you are younger, I think birthdays are more special, especially what are considered milestone birthdays. My birthday wish is for this blog to grow. Consider helping to grant my birthday wish by sharing this blog, using the sharing services here. Or, if you are one who has found this in a search or because this was shared with you, consider "following" by hitting the little floating "Follow" button at the top right of your computer screen, or via other available subscription options. A blog is useless without readers. I need you!

As for the commenting system here, I do not like the Blogger commenting system. I have tried to make changes in it, but without much success. I know that everyone is busy and that you have a lot on your plate, so to speak. But if you find time, I welcome your comments if you are able to use Blogger's commenting system and know how to use it. No, I had no way of knowing where I was going with this, except that I want this to be interactive for you and that I will find more of you.

In Christ,

Lisa DeSherlia

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