Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blasphemy, by Asia Bibi

This book is both a memoir and a plea for the world to hear Bib's plea for freedom. Asia Bibi, a mother of five in Pakistan, has been in prison for over five years. She was sentenced to death for blasphemy because of Pakistan's Sharia Law. Bibi was alleged to have been arguing with a few Muslim women and took a stand for the Person of Christ. Without direct evidence that she Bibi had criticized Muhammed, she was thrown in jail and sent to prison. Several years ago, Bibi, unable to read or write, dictated this book to ghostwriter Anne-Isabelle Tollet, an international reporter. The profits of this book all go directly to the family of Asia Bibi.

This ghostwritten book, authored by a condemned Christian mom in a country known for egregious crimes against our fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus, is easy to read in a literary sense. Emotionally, it is not and it was not meant to be. Bibi identifies herself as both a Christian and a Catholic. I'm aware that many of us in the Christian community view Catholicism as a cult containing false teachings, and I agree that a number of its teachings are unscriptural. But when you are in a situation of life and death, as Bibi has been in for over five years, I doubt that doctrine is central priority. Bibi is candid about her see-saw emotions and is brutally honest with herself, God and us. Unlike so many books written about martyrs and persecuted Christians, Bibi makes no effort to be stoic. This book, absent of Western influence, contains no spiritual cliches. But then, it is written in the midst of persecution rather than after the fact.

Every Christian should read this fast-paced book. I think parents should pre-read this book before handing it to teenagers to read. I assure you that this book will motivate you to take action on behalf of this Christian mom. Yes, I know that we have our domestic ministries that deserve our time and resources. We do not need to neglect those in order to take time to educate ourselves about our brothers and sisters in Jesus, worldwide, who are facing persecution. If you are able, please purchase this book, as all profits from the book are pledged to go directly to Bibi's family, who live in fear for their lives and in hiding. If you can, please buy this book from Amazon here.

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