Monday, May 4, 2015

What You can Do for Nepal

By now, you no doubt have heard about what is probably the most tragic earthquake in human history. Currently, the death toll has risen to over a gruesome 7,000 souls. Each of these souls had a family who are mourning them and will never be able to forget. Many thousands of people have been injured. Each of these individuals has a harrowing story to tell. Many, many people have lost homes and/or businesses and have to start all over again. They, too, have stories to tell. There are native Christians in Nepal who have been affected by this earthquake. Their faith is being sorely tried as never before. Many, many people--individuals, groups and nonprofits--are involved in the massive effort to bring hope, help, and restored lives to countless desperate people. We as Christians know that we are called to do our part. But the need is so completely overwhelming and massive; what can we do?


1). Pray for all the individuals, groups and nonprofit workers bringing hope and help to these desperate people. Pray for resources, guidance and support for these workers. Pray that they will be given peace of heart and strength as they work to rebuild the lives of earthquake victims. Pray that Christian workers will show and tell of the love of Jesus to those they serve.

2). Pray for all those who have lost loved ones, that they will be given comfort and hope.

3). Pray for all those who have lost homes and/or businesses, that their losses will be restored.

4). Pray for the many thousands who are injured, that God will heal them from their physical and emotional wounds.

5). Pray for Nepal's native Christians affected by the earthquake, that God will give them comfort, peace, hope and grace to not only survive but thrive and to be light amidst the sadness, to those around them.

6). Pray that God will use this terrible tragedy to open the hearts of many people to Jesus, that they will be given opportunities to encounter Christians, will hear the Gospel and respond in saving faith.

Raise Awareness

Cannot donate? You certainly pray, using the prayer tips above, or coming up with your own ideas. These workers and the desperate people they are serving, are in dire need of our prayers. The workers need our prayer support to do their difficult work and as they see all the misery first-hand. The people need our prayers as their lives are rebuilt and they heal from the trauma. prayers are needed to open hearts to the Gospel and to prepare the hearts of people to hear the Gospel from Christian workers. You can raise awareness by sharing this post as well as visiting the website of the link I will give at the end of this post, and sharing it. Gospel for Asia, as its name suggests, specializes in meeting the material, social, emotional and spiritual needs of people on the continent of Asia, and Nepal is in Asia.


Yes, I know that you no doubt have already received your share of donation requests to fund the massive relief effort in Nepal. I certainly have. And we all have financial pressures and commitments that should not be broken. If you are able to give, there are no shortage of those who want your donation buck. I recommend Gospel for Asia because I have done my due diligence on them, as much as I can. Not only do they serve many felt, desperate needs of people, but their primary goal is to make Christ known among the people they serve. Nepal is a closed country, but this disaster may open many hearts to the Gospel. If you can give, you can give to quite a few fine nonprofits, but I recommend Gospel for Asia. If you want to give, go here.

These photos are provided courtesy of Gospel For Asia.

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