Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hello, I am Sin

Hello, Humanity,

I can be found everywhere and you need not look far;

In your homes;

In your relationships;

In your lives;

And yes, in your hearts, thoughts and attitudes;

I have not disappeared; I am just known by many other names;

I am known as the right to choose as long as "No one is hurt";

I am known as as various disorders and illnesses;

On the Internet, my underlings and slaves have more tools to do their damage;

Children in public schools never found it so easy to learn my ways;

Without me, you would never see these: Jails, Prisons, Hospitals, Wars, Shelters, or Institutions;

Without me, you would not see people become: Cops, Military, Doctors, Nurses, Prison Guards, Judges, or Lawyers;

I offer you happiness, ease, fun, thrills, entertainment and life and don't forget wealth:

I offer all these to you without requiring any sacrifice or commitment from you;

As it has been rightly said, I hide the price tags;

You only find out later that I lied to you and that I ail to steal, kill and destroy:

I provide thrills and pleasure for you;

It is too bad that I cannot make these last;

I am an insidious, relentless, cruel, harsh master and my slaves hop at my beck and call;

I induce you to do my bidding and then I berate and accuse you;

I refuse to let go of my slaves and underlings without a huge fight;

Today, I have been able to do my most insidious, dirty, damaging and horrific work and who knows when I will stop?

In the good old United States I can get whole denominations to call certain sins good, yay for me!

To my Enemy's many people in the West, bring it on!

I have a much hated and terrible Enemy, the Holy One;

This Enemy hates me and loves my slaves though He hates their slavery to me;

I was so disappointed when I thought I defeated Him at His cross;

As it turned out He has defeated me and I am not taking this lying down!

I know full well that my time is short and I will not relax my guard day or night;

I aim to keep as many people from placing faith in my Enemy as possible and destroying the Enemy's people;

Place your faith in my Enemy and in what He calls His grace and I can assure you I will fight you;

I continue to hide in plain sight and come as an angel of light;

Go, live as I want you to and make my job easier or live this Enemy's way and I will do all I can to persecute you;

This enemy will destroy me when He comes so I'm doing all I can to destroy His people now and keep my people from becoming His!

Yes, I am known by an ugly three letter word that even many Pastors in churches that bear my Enemy's Name fear to use;

It is "too negative and judgmental" to talk about my existence and identity:

If you have not guessed by now call me S-I-N.

If you have not guessed it my Enemy is Jesus Christ.

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