Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Should We Christians Respond to ISIS & to Terrorists In General?

Over a week ago, the US President had said of them, in an effort to appease all who want action taken against them: "We are devising a strategy to neutralize and degrade our enemies. We will stop them. The US Vice President was even more direct: "We will pursue them to the gates of Hell if needed. Hell is where these people will spend eternity!" Many people have railed against them, setting up petitions, "Stop This Enemy!" And others have remained totally silent on this enemy, fearful that denouncing them would tar peace-loving fellow religious adherents with the same broad brush.

Yes. I'm talking about ISIS.

In my network, many bothers and sisters in Jesus are speaking out about ISIS and the horrible atrocities that they have been committing. It's clear that they want to expand their atrocities beyond the Middle East, using the Internet to lure future victims. According to even mainstream media, ISIS is even recruiting small children into their "cause" of terrorism!

Sociopathy or psychopathy alone do not explain those who get involved in radical terrorism, including ISIS. Have you ever wondered what goes into the makings of most terrorists, including ISIS members? According to studies, many of these terrorists in Muslim or other regimes are recruited into terrorism as small children! They are typically taught to hate us in the West and are brainwashed into believing that we are the Enemy who are actually out to destroy THEM. They are recruited not knowing any other way to believe or act. They become unthinking, unfeeling robots who, with their brainwashed minds, actually believe that they are "doing their God" a favor by "killing His enemies and traitors." Home-grown terrorists, on the other hand and on Western soil, are often recruited by terrorists; this may happen when they travel or network online with terrorists. These terrorists seem like roaches in that we struggle to get rid of them. They give their all to their "cause," evil as it is. Isn't this something we can learn from them, to give our all to the Cause of Christ?

We know that the governments' role in combating terrorism is to use force to eliminate it, even if military force is needed to make it happen. But what is our role, as Christians, in combating terrorism and in how we view terrorists, including members of ISIS?

We know that we Christians operate under the invisible Kingdom of God that reigns in our hearts and lives. That means that yes, we are to speak out against the evil of ISIS and other terrorists. It also means that we are to pray for the Christian conversions of terrorists, much like "Saul to Paul," modern-day Damascus road conversions. After all, the ancient Saul, who became Paul, was an ancient terrorist and violent persecutor of Christians. His mission was to rid the world of Christians! When he was radically converted to Christ, his extreme zeal against Christians turned to extreme zeal for their Lord. God aims to get rid of terrorism, not by eliminating terrorists but by eliminating their wickedness.

Can't God do with ISIS members and terrorists what He did with Paul?

To learn how to help persecuted Christians and bring the Gospel to hostile nations, visit Voice of the Martyrs, Inc.. This photo was originally found here.

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