Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tortured For Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand, now deceased, wrote this book to raise awareness of global religious persecution. Initially written in the 1960's, it was this book that that informed people in the West of the extent of the religious persecution of Christians worldwide. Having experienced years of imprisonment and torture in Communist Romania, this book focuses on the persecution of believers in the former Soviet Union. But with the brutal persecution of many Christians in remaining Communist nations like North Korea and China and Christians' often brutal persecution in many Islam-dominated nations, this book remains as relevant as ever. Through graphic but concise stories of his own sufferings and that of other believers, Wurmbrand calls Christians in the West to action on behalf of those facing global religious persecution.

This book, being a clarion call to action, is not comfortable reading nor is it entertaining. Emotionally that is. Though easy and fast reading, Wurmbrand's book is said to "have no literary value" yet have a message that "the world must hear." When I first read this book in the early 1970's, I was stunned but I saw the author and the subjects of his book, persecuted believers, as possessing an unbelievable faith that I could never attain though I admired them for theirs. When I read the 30th anniversary edition 30 years later, it still had a profound impact on me. This time, having come to take God much more seriously than I did when I was a teen growing up in the 1970's, I was stirred to action and advocacy and to prayer. Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) the nonprofit that Wurmbrand had founded, offers a free newsletter which I signed up for. VOM serves persecuted Christians worldwide, as well as bringing the Gospel to people inside hostile nations. I found myself very challenged in my faith and praying that even if I never have to undergo such tortures as this author and so many others did and still do, that God would make me into a person whose faithfulness equaled theirs. This book has definite emotional and spiritual impact.

I recommend this book for all Christians and for especially all Christians. Through reading this book, non-Christians may become curious about Christ and how He can inspire people to be so willing to suffer unspeakable tortures for Him. Non-Christians in the West may find in this book Biblical Christianity exemplified in the lives of so many Christians worldwide and may embrace Christ. I especially recommend this book for all Christians. Through all the accounts of sacrificial faithfulness in the midst of unspeakable suffering, this book convicts us Western Christians of buying into a culture of materialism and consumerism and allowing these to infiltrate our Christian lives and our local Western churches. Through these stories Christians are called to awareness and action on behalf of persecuted believers all over the world. Through feeding on these stories of believers whose cultures are alien to our consumerism and and materialism, we find ourselves greatly encouraged in our faith as we are continually challenged in it.

Best of all, you can get this book FREE. Voice of the Martyrs offers the book FREE to anyone who requests it. Please request your copy here.

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