Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Pray About Ferguson

The word Ferguson is "trending" on social networks like Facebook, now that we know that the Grand Jury has refused to charge Officer Darren Wilson with any criminal activity in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown. Like the case of Trayvon Martin, this case is bitterly dividing the nation. It is dividing even us in the Body of Christ, just as happened in the case of Trayvon Martin. Yes, I have already received email requests to sign petitions calling for justice for Michael Brown and I signed one of them. You may have seen calls to sign petitions online already. Whatever our positions on the Grand Jury decision, we all should be united in praying about the entire sad Ferguson situation, as it affects not only Ferguson but larger St. Louis and the entire US. Let me give some key points for prayer.

1). Pray for the safety of all the residents of Ferguson and nearby St. Louis, Officer Darren Wilson, other Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs), the Grand Jurors, the Prosecutor, and the peaceful protesters. We know that emotions will remain raw in the wake of the Grand Jury announcement that Michael Brown's killer will not be held accountable for causing his death.

2). Pray for all those whose livelihoods have been affected by all this. Pray that they will God will draw them to His side, provide for them, and that they will use this time to get closer to their families. This includes many school teachers and staff members, and many businesses, including small businesses.

3). Pray for all supporters of Officer Darren Wilson who may consciously or subconsciously harbor racial prejudices or biases, that they God will convict them, soften their hearts, and that they will overcome fear and hate of those who look or act different because of race, disability, nationality, or anything else.

4). Pray for the Black community and others who look or act different, that they will place their hope in God, turn to Jesus in their hour of need, forgive those who have hurt them, and find true community with others who feel their pain. Pray that they will use their pain to make a difference and work to make the world a better place for all.

5). Pray for the family of Michael Brown and for many other families whose loved ones have never received justice from the courts, that they will find in God their refuge and comfort. Pray that they will be given the grace to forgive and the courage to work for change in this culture.

6). Pray for the criminals involved in this, including groups like the KKK, the Black Panthers, and other hate groups, and for the looters and the arsonists, that God will save their souls from sin. Pray that God will convict them and capture their hearts for Jesus, and that they will overcome anger, rage, bitterness, and hate. Pray that they will find that love is more powerful.

7). Protests are going on in other parts of the US and criminals are infiltrating the peaceful protests, just as they are in Ferguson. Remember these cities also in your prayers, as you pray for Ferguson.

8). Give thanks and praise to God that He can bring good out of all the chaos, just as He can in any situation. Praise Him for His sovereign grace even in this.

Let us remember that this not only about Michael Brown or Ferguson, but is about all of us!

May God help us.

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