Monday, December 1, 2014

Missions Today

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is safe to say that when the word "missionary" comes to mind, we picture certain things.

We picture we Christians from the West receiving a call from God to go to a Third-World country.

We picture people who have to learn the language, lifestyle and customs of the people they have come to serve.

We picture Christian workers bring the Gospel to people who have never heard it.

We picture people who must pay a fortune to maintain their overseas mission work.
Would it surprise you to know that many of the most restricted Countries and hostile areas of that world, that are off-limits to Western missionaries, native Christian workers are willing to devote costly and sacrificial time to reach their own people or those in related tribes? Would it surprise you that these workers are willing to serve at risk to their freedoms and even their lives?

It is a time called Giving Tuesday. I'm sharing with you about a ministry based on the continent of Asia. They meet the material, social and emotional needs of people. Above all, they live to bring the Gospel of Jesus to people in their own languages. They partner with many native Christian workers, enabling these workers to bring the Gospel to their own people or to those in related nearby tribes. They partner with Christian workers who serve children, offering child sponsorship opportunities. Their website can be found here.

What are the advantages of sponsoring such native missionaries over seeking to go ourselves?

We do not have to uproot our families and leave everything behind.

We do not have to learn a new language or culture.

We can save much money by not having to spend a fortune in training and trying to "keep up a lifestyle."

We allow the Gospel to be much more effectively spread by those who already know the language and culture of those whom they serve.

We free ourselves to focus on serving those in our own backyards, including internationals among us.

Please learn much more! Order a free book about it here.

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