Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What God Wants for the Holiday

My bothers and Sisters in Jesus, This time of the year finds most of us frenetically busy. Christmas parties. Christmas shopping galore. Maxing out credit cards. Fixing special holiday food. Eating this holiday food. Stringing up holiday lights. Putting up special trees. Observing other traditions.

All man-made traditions.

This is the time of year when we do more giving than usual, celebrating our families and if we are blessed with them, close friends. No, Jesus was not born on December 25 and He may not have even been born during the winter. But this time is officially used to celebrate His birth. We often talk about "wish lists" and may ask loved ones to make "wish lists" of what they want as Christmas presents. But has it ever occurred to us that God has a wish list?

He does.

His wish list is simple. He wants us to know, trust and follow His Son, Jesus. He wants us to love each other. He wants us to love this world of lost people who need Him. He wants us to give. And we can. Visit here, to find out more.

Always in Christ,

Lisa DeSherlia

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