Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dear Christian Friend Who Has Participated in Abortion

I write this to fellow Christians who have turned to abortion because of pressure from important others.

I write this to fellow Christians who have turned to abortion because no one in their Christian community has shown support.

I write this to Christians who chose abortion believing that "God would forgive anyway."

I write this to Christians who sit in church fellowships secretly regretting abortions they have had or enabled.

I write this to all pastors who have provided little leadership on abortion.

I write this to Christians who may even support abortion in the name of political correctness.

I know that this is not a topic that we like to talk about. However, over seventy percent of all Americans identify as followers of Jesus while an estimated 4000 abortions take place daily. So this implies that many in our local church fellowships have participated in abortion in some way, whether aiding, abetting, or even compelling others to choose abortions, or choosing abortion in your own life. I know that many pastors, youth ministers and other local church fellowship leaders are silent on this social epidemic and offer little or no leadership on it. They may address it on Sanctity of Life Sunday, if they do that. Many of them may fear speaking of it for fear of upsetting you or bringing back bad memories or re-opening old wounds. As is true with any failure, poor choice or sin, time does not heal nor does denial make anything disappear. The issue just festers and will erupt later, often in forms that are not pretty. This may be why so many suicides and crimes occur, because people "snap." Actually, I think most "snaps" are just cases of hurts that have built up and have been stored up over time.

No, I have not personally experienced abortion myself. I know others who have and while they do not speak of that, I wonder what they think in quiet moments or when the topic of abortion comes up in conversation. Please know that abortion is not the unpardonable sin and, like any sin, you can be freely forgiven if you confess your sin, turn from it and turn to God. I invite you to do that today. Whether you feel sorry, guilty, afraid, or even defiant or bitter, you can share your feelings with God and find help. Whatever your role in abortion may have been, whether talking others into abortion, driving them to a facility that does abortions, having your own abortion, or even doing abortions, God can and will forgive you if you repent, turn from sin and turn to Jesus in faith. I have included a link to a website where you may be able to find help.

God is the God of second chances. Let Him give you that. Will you?

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