Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What You Can Do For Those Who Have Not Heard

"What about those who have not heard of Jesus? How will God judge them?" we often ask.

Good question. The Bible makes it clear that the only through calling on Jesus and looking to Him to forgive our sins, can we ever be saved according to God's terms, enjoy right standing with Him, receive the right to call God our Father, approach His throne with confidence and enjoy life forever with Him in Heaven. Even with all the progress that has been made with reaching many unreached peoples with the Gospel, much more needs to be done, so much that a research nonprofit, Joshua Project has been set up to bring awareness to the thousands of unreached people groups who still have not heard the Gospel in a way they can understand.

There are thousands of unreached people groups. An unreached people group is defined as a group of people of the same tribe and language and culture, who have less than 2 percent of people who identify themselves as followers of Jesus. Most of these unreached people groups live in countries where Christians are usually minorities and are severely persecuted for their faith. Many of these people groups do not have Bibles or other Christian translated into their own languages. Most of them practice either Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or a blend of ethnic religions. All of them live in darkness. We may tell ourselves that God will exempt them from the need to respond to Christ in order to make it to heaven, but the Bible does not give us wiggle room to believe that. Instead, we are told to get the Gospel to the unreached in every tribe, language and tongue and that Jesus will not return until every people group has a vibrant Gospel witness among them. How do we do that?

We do not all need to become missionaries to get the Gospel to the unreached. Many of us live lives that do not lend themselves to venturing to closed lands and hostile areas where people have not heard of Jesus. World missions are evolving from the model of the Western missionary going to lands where no one has heard to that of an increasing number of native missionaries who are making Christ known among people groups who need to be reached. However, Western missionaries continue to be needed in lands that have mostly unreached peoples, to assist native missionaries who are making Christ known among many of such people. Missionaries, though, have to be sent. It costs money to send them to those who need to hear about Christ and to keep them engaged in God's work. That is where sending agencies come in. We need to support agencies which send missionaries to unreached people groups. Below, I provide a link which gives you an opportunity to be part of the solution to this tragedy of thousands of unreached people groups.

I know that there are many needs that we followers of Jesus give priority to. We need, however, to gain an eternal perspective, and to grasp that all of us will spend eternity in either heaven or hell. These thousands of unreached peoples will also have to spend their eternities somewhere. With our involvement, the odds will be greatly increased that many of them will spend eternity in the presence of the God Who loved them enough to give His only Son for them.

There are 1108 unreached Muslim people groups alone, among other unreached people groups. Will we be part of the solution?

Visit Here To Learn How You Can Be Part of the Solution

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