Monday, September 21, 2015

Democrats for Life by Kristen Day

THis is a specialty book, written by the Executive Director of the organization called Democrats for Life. This book opens up with the author's acknowledgements to those who made the writing of this book possible. Before the first chapter, she opens up with a Prologue that sets the tone for this book and gives some background for the state of the Democratic Party today. This Prologue and each of the following 15 chapeters,ends with notes which cite the sources that the author used for that particular chapter. THe author ends with three attachments. Attachment 1 contain charts that trace the evolution of positions on reproductive issues over the years, for both Republicans and Democrats. Attachment 2 shows how the Democratic Leadership has lost its "grip" on being prolife about abortion,even as Republicans gained a hold over the prolife position. The final and third attachment is a written initiative on how to end abortion by providing resources and support to girls and women that will empower and motivate them to choose life for their babies.

This book provides lots of good information for its short length. Growing up in a family who are loyal Democrats, I found this book to be of special interest. I hate it that one political party is identified as "the immoral party" that followers of Jesus should avoid, and we are told, by our Pastors and CHristian leaders who opine on poltics, that we must vote for the party "that reflects our Christian values." This almost always translates to voting for Republicans, whether we like them or not and even if we disagree with them on most things. Those followers of Jesus who support the Democratic Party (and their stress on caring for the poor, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised and those living on the margins of society, have ben made to feel that we cannot follow Jesus and vote for Democrats. This book traces how Democrats came to support abortion and to be identified with it; it is the Democrats in power who often identify with abortion on demand and espouse it as a "choice." This book shows us that many typical citizens and "little people" who are Democrats are actually prolife but have been silenced and disenfranchised by the powerful in the Democratic Party. There are prolife Democrats in Congress, but they are a minority. I know that we Christians in the US have been told that following Jesus and standing up for truth equal supporting Republicans as it is Republicans who most often identify as prolife about abortion, and oppose same-sex marriage. Not all Republicans are prolife, including among the pwerful. This book is not written from a Christian perspective, but from a secular perspective. I know, though, that it is most unfortunate that the term "prolife Democrat" is often considered an oxymoran, or that such Democrats are "Democrats in name only." This book asserts, and I agree, that we will never stop abortions unless or until being prolife about abortion stops being seen as a "republican issue" and more and more prolife Democrats "find their voice" and work with Republicans to try to end abortions. Democrats in political leadership have convinced many Christians that they do not represent the concerns and interests of followers of Jesus who value matters such as the sanctity of life, the sanctiry of marriage and the family, and religious liberty. This is sad!

This is not a Christ-centered book, but I recommend this book for Pastors and Christian leaders so they can better understand those in their parishes and among their followers who may support the Democratic Party. They need to understand that some of us feel (and are) disenfranchised by this disconnect in the Democratic Party leadership. This book should be required reading in political science classes. I recommend this book for all open-minded Republicans, to dismantle their biases about those who support the Democratic Party. I recommend this book to open-minded Democrats so they can educate themselves about the political aspect of abortion. Finally, I recommend this book for all DEmocrats who oppose abortion and feel disenfranchised, for their encouragement.

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