Thursday, October 1, 2015

View This Video, Share It & Save A Life

In the past few years, 4D ultrasound has emerged and it clearly shows the the reality of the life and humanity of the unborn child. It is been proved that when moms are shown ultrasounds of their babies, they are much more likely to reject abortion and choose life for their babies. This is why pregnancy resource centers use ultrasounds for their clients with positive pregnancy tests. They know that when these clients are shown ultrasounds of their babies, they can see that their babies have body parts and can move, and masses and clumps of cells do not possess these characteristics. And 4D ultrasounds show the unborn child more clearly and are being used more and more often though I understand that they are expensive and insurance typically does not cover them. Christians, we are called to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. You can do that by sharing this video and pray that abortion-minded girls and women will find it, view it, and choose life for their babies.

Will you do this simple thing to be a voice for the unborn?

This video is provided courtesy of American Life League. I'm not a partner of or affiliated with this nonprofit.

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