Thursday, November 5, 2015

An Open Letter To Cecile Richards

dear Cecile Richards

Dear Cecile Richards: I speak as a person who believes that all life is sacred. This includes the poor, those with disabilities, women, men, those without homes, those who are unborn, those with mental illnesses, even criminals and abortion workers.

Even the lives of abortionists and directors of abortion facilities.

I know that you probably believe that you are doing women a service. Many people in this culture believe that abortion is health care, a reproductive right and a choice that should be available to women. So you are not unique in that regard; you are reflecting the worldview of many in this culture. Yes, it is legal and doctors are required to inform their patients in crisis pregnancies and high-risk pregnancies of abortion as a viable, legal option. Why, if our doctors, whom so many hold in such high esteem in our culture, so often recommend it to patients with high-risk or crisis pregnancies, it must not be bad.

I saw parts of the Planned Parenthood hearings when you were being grilled before Congress. I watched as you defended your organization, and declared that the videos exposing Planned Parenthood were doctored. People closest to me agree with you about those videos. I will not defend the videos as I have not had a chance to view them in-depth and in their entirety. I know that Live Action, run by Lila Rose, have made undercover videos of your organization. I have not been inside a Planned Parenthood facility, but I have loved ones who have used their services. Thanks to the grace of God, I have not faced the abortion issue personally. I had a high-risk pregnancy with my daughter, but I was blessed with religious faith and a good support system. I know that many of the girls and women who use your organization or other abortion providers do not have options or are not aware that they have options.

I know that many in the prolife movement condemn you and others in the abortion industry, as evil incarnate, and judge you. They forget that all of us are sinners who have fallen far short of God's holy standards. Myself, I have enough to do in keeping up with and overcoming my own sins and imperfections to ever worry about yours or anyone else's. But you are in a position of leadership and many women and Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers look to you. What if what you are passing on to them is, in fact, a lie? I mean, could it be that the notion that abortion is healthcare, a reproductive right and a choice, is a lie? If that is true, then it is a serious thing that you are guilty of.

Have you ever asked yourself what the abortions done on women (over 300,000 yearly under the watch of Planned Parenthood alone) actually do? I wonder if, in your more honest moments, you wonder if indeed that these abortions kill the babies of these moms who seek abortion services because they have been fed the lie that abortion is the way to deal with a probem pregnancy, whether due to social, economic, medical or eugenic reasons. Surely you, like so many others in favor of abortion or who don't like it but who think it should be available to others, know deep down that the fetus is in fact a baby, one who is just not born. If that is so, it must be dehumanizing, dreary, tiring, and traumatic to take lives as you justify it as a service.

This is not written to try to convert you or anyone else to the prolife movement, as a post like this is highly unlikely to do that. First, you need to be converted to the Person of Jesus Christ, Who came to this earth because of God's love for you and me, to die for our sins. You are invited to repent (change your mind about sin and the direction of your life) and then trust Jesus to take away your sins. Then He will change your worldview, your attitudes and behavior. You will find yourself working to save lives, not destroy them! If God can do it for former abortionists or abortion workers like Dr. Bernard Nathansonson and Abby Johnson, He can do it for you!

Meanwhile, when you decide that working in the abortion industry and taking lives is no longer for you and you are tired of it and want to get out, there is a resource.

Visit this website and find that there is help for you also.

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