Thursday, November 12, 2015

Take Minutes 2 Be a Voice 4 Moms & Babies!

Defund Planned Parenthood!

No more government funds for Planned Parenthood!

Congress must defund Planned Parenthood immediately!

Stop Planned Parenthood!

Shut down Planned Parenthood!

These calls to neutralize and even destroy this organization are indeed well meant. I don't want any of my money to go to this organization, either. I know that federal funds do not, or are not supposed to, go to Planned Parenthood. Yet the idea of government funds going to an organization that oversees over 330,000 abortions (every abortion represents a baby) does not sit well if you believe that life begins at conception.

Yet we cannot forget one thing.

Planned Parenthood, while the largest provider of abortions, is not the only abortion provider. Not by a long shot. Private doctors and private abortion clinics also do abortions. More needs to be done to end abortion, than boycotting abortion providers and trying to defeat and destroy them. As women and their significant others (parents, boyfriends, husbands, doctors), turn to abortion often because of a lack of options, how about eliminating the very MOTIVE that causes women to often go out of town to procure abortions? Desperation, ignorance, fear?

Yes, we in the prolife community are all too aware of pregnancy resource centers that provide women with free, confidential, safe, and caring services. Many women and their families do not know of these centers. If they do, what they have heard about these centers likely comes from disgruntled former pregnancy resource clients, or from a biased media. A certain news anchor refers to these centers as "phony clinics" and they have gotten much bad press as being deceptive, misleading, and failing to deliver the confidential, qualified services they promise to clients. However, there is much more evidence in favor of these centers and the lifesaving work they do in assisting women which saves many babies who would have been abortion. But girls and women have often been lied to, and so are unaware of their options.

With more funds going to life-affirming medical and services (which pregnancy resource centers often refer their clients to), these women would have even more options.

I'm talking about funds to go to the estimated 13,000 community clinics that serve women and families.

I'm talking about subsidies for single parents and low-income families.

I'm talking about increasing Medicaid reimbursements to OB/GYNS, to give them more of an incentive to serve poor low-income girls and women.

If even one of these measures was implemented, especially the first, it would be a big step in the right direction. There are almost 300 signatures on this petition, but many more are needed. If you have already added your name and even shared this, I thank you for your support. If you have not yet signed and are a follower of Jesus, know that we are called to speak out for those who are vulnerable. Who is more vulnerable than an unborn baby? Most of their moms, in crisis, are also vulnerable because of the very circumstances that culminate in their crisis pregnancies.

Let me call everyone of us, who follow Jesus and who identify as prolife, to a simple but meaningful act. I'm calling supporters of this petition to visit the webpage (it takes a few seconds to load the "share" button) to share this petition, one more, with your own social networks. If you have not yet signed this petition, I encourage you to add your name to it.


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