Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blogging As A Follower of Jesus

As this title indicates, this post is about blogging and when followers of Jesus do it.

This is my less-established, Blogger blog that has only six followers. As the current headlines tragedy is still unfolding, I do not feel that I'm informed enugh to really write about it. Also, maintaining multiple blogs is eating into my time because of a new, self-hosted Wordpress website that I have taken on. I have two blogs that focus on sanctity of life issues, especially abortion, crisis pregnancies, and creating a culture of life that respects life from conception to natural death. Though these blogs are prolife blogs, they are not targeted to a nice audience of Christ-followers, though I'm sure that, because followers of Jesus tend to be prolife more often than non-Christians, you would find those blogs of interest. I don't avoid the topic of Jesus on Christian things on my posts for a general audience but I do not post on issues as they primarily followers of Jesus.

Because of the self-hosted website, I have come to realize that I have less time to maintain my blogs. So I may post less, like twice a month instead of once a week. The same may hold true on my blogs. This is so I can post more often on the self-hosted website, and it is meant for a general audience, though I will always write out of a worldview that is both Christ-centered and prolife.I know that there are many Christian blogs, and it seems to me that as people are increasing going online, so should we so we can be witnesses to them. Of course, I know that there is such a thing as "Internet addiction" and "Facebook depression" and I must confess that I have experienced both. Online, it is easy to compare ourselves to others, whether you are talking about a friends or followers count on social media sites or the illusion that the lives of other users are wonderful while yours is not. I have always found that I do a better job of communicating my faith online than I do in person. That is one major reason I have a social media presence, the other is prolife advocacy.

In this past month, I have spent much time setting up my OneLadyFights4Life website. I have picked that for a domain to sum up why I have set up the website, and that I have set it up, hopefully, to save lives. I have a blog there and I have already drafted a post, which is not yet published. Topics planned include abortion, crisis pregnancies, issues facing children and adults with special needs, missing children and adults, and global poverty, oppression and religious persecution. I have been spending much time experimenting with different plugins, and deleting those that do not work or that are incompatiable with other plugins. As I am not showing up in the major search engines, I know that I need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO is defined as setting up a blog or site so that it ranks high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Yes, I know that you can add a custom domain to a Blogger blog or a blog, but in the case of both my Blogger blogs, adding a custom domain would would mess up all my post and page links and force me to have to start all over again. So I have set up a self-hosted site, and you can expect more developments.

If you are interested in visiting the site, visit here.

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