Thursday, December 10, 2015

Followers of Jesus, Give Moms & Babies the Gift of Life This Christmas!

I'm sure your mail and your email inbox are full of calls to give to charities. Many of these charities and causes they stand for are legitimate and worthy of support.

Christians and other refugees of minority religions are fleeing ISIS and desperately need help. Millions have never heard of Jesus and their evangelization must be paid for by God's people. Girls and women are trapped in the sex industry and need to be rescued and then be given help to rebuild their lives. Always, children and families throughout the world need resources and ongoing support just to live. Persecuted Christians need resources and support to live out their faith and know that they are not forgotten. I'm sure you have heard the TV commercials for monthly support to support wounded veterans, starving children, and abused animals.

All deserving causes.

I would appeal to you to consider one public charity that empowers prolife pregnancy resources to extend and expand their ministry of helping moms and dads in crisis and in so doing, saving their babes from being aborted. How does this work?

Save the Storks is a public charity, according to my research. All they do supports the work of prolife pregnancy resource centers and virtually all these centers are faith-based, Christian nonprofits which receive no federal funds. This is unlike Planned Parenthood, which receives federal funds and which many in the prolife movement are seeking to get stripped of all their federal funding. Save the Storks partners with pregnancy resource centers by offering them grants, often up to $50,000 at a time to more effectively do their lifesaving work.

I know that I have written of these prolife pregnancy resource centers and you may already know about them. IN fact, you may be one who volunteers in such a center. If you do not know what a pregnancy resource center is, these are places designed to empower those facing crisis pregnancies to choose life for their babies in spite of often being pressured to abort by well-meaning parents, husbands, boyfriends or others whom they trust and whose opinions matter to them. All the services these centers offer are free, and this is possible because these centers rely heavily on donors and volunteers to keep them afoat. No matter how much we may praise these centers, the truth is that their lifesaving work would not be possible without our prayers, donations, and volunteer time.

And the things that Save the Storks do for them would not be possible, either, without our prayers, financial suppoort, and the volunteer efforts of those who live in their headquarters area. Save the Storks offers grants to pregnancy resource centers as I already mentioned. The Storks also builds what they call "Stork Buses," mobile medical units built much like mobile mammogaphy vans that so many of us women use to get our mammograms. How do these mobile medical units empower pregnancy resource centers to expand their services? These Stork Buses come fully equipped with ultrasound equipment for clients who board these buses. Pregnancy resource centers, indeed the prolife moveent, have long used ultrasounds to illustrate the humanity of the unborn, most notably since the late Bernard Nathanson, MD's "Silent Screm" ultrasound depiction of an abortion. Centers use ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, show clients the reality and humanity of the babies they are carrying, and educate these women about the prenatal development of their babies. These mobile medical units are designed for total privacy; they are sound proof and are climate-proof. So they are ideal for counseling.

These mobile medical units make pregnancy resource centers more accessible to pregnant girls and women in crisis. This works by these units being parked outside of Planned Parenthood facilities, college campuses and other places where abortion-vulnerable girls and women are most likely to be found. Sidewalk counselors and others can encourage girls and women to avoid abortions by getting on these mobile medical units and finding real help and answers at pregnancy resource centers. Before there were mobile medical units, it was much harder to convince girls and women to reject abortion and access pregnancy resource centers. But many pregnancy resource centers do not yet have such mobile medical units and it is harder to get many who need them, into their doors. None of this is possible without donations.

Save the Storks shares that almost four out of every five women who board these Stork Buses chooses life for her baby. Also, this charity is working on other high-tech ways to reach abortion-vulnerable girls and women and to get more of them into the doors of prolife pregnancy resource centers. This is serious lifesaving work!

Click here & find out how you can help!

The photo above is provided courtesy of Save the Storks, Inc..
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